Staff Information

Nobuyuki Kanno, Doctor of Veterinary Science/Veterinary Cardiology Society-Certified Veterinarian


  • 2006 Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University
  • 2009 Laboratory of Veterinary Surgery, University of Miyazaki
  • 2013 Animal Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Center
  • 2017 Laboratory of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Nihon University
  • 2019 Cardiac Surgery Services for Dogs and Cats due to change of the name from Animal Cardiovascular Center
  • 2020 Consulting Veterinarian in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Elite Vet Cardiology Clinic
  • 2021 Head of the Animal Cardiac Surgery Center

Animals’ heart disease is also treated by surgery these days.
Especially for mitral regurgitation, the best example of heart disease in dogs, it has become common that cardiology care is not necessary anymore by selecting surgical treatment. We want to offer pet owners optimal treatment, taking into consideration that cardiology care is still one of the options for animals. Please do not hesitate to consult us about heart disease.

Staff of Cardiac Surgery Team

Name Medical Facility You Work for
Karin Ariyama Nunokawa Dog and Cat Hospital
Hiroyuki Ezono Cross Animal Medical Center
Takahiro Kutsuma Nunokawa Dog and Cat Hospital
Haruhiko Suzuki Meguro Animal Medical Center
Jyun Takahashi South Tokyo Animal Medical Center
Seika Nishimura South Tokyo Animal Medical Center
Shusaku Yamada Japan Small Animal Medical Center
Akane Yoshikawa Meguro Animal Medical Center