Frequently asked questions

What type of cardiac surgery is the most frequent at the Animal Cardiac Surgery Center?
→The best example of cardiac surgery is surgery for mitral regurgitation, which is the most common in our hospital and can be treated by surgery.
Can cardiac surgery achieve a radical cure for heart diseases?
→90% or more of cases no longer need to receive drugs completely because of surgery.
What is the success rate of the surgery?
→We have organized team staff who have experience in over 400 cardiac surgeries and are performing cardiac surgeries with a 95% success rate.
When an illness is diagnosed as heart disease, is surgery still possible at an early stage?
→Surgery is indicated for the treatment of a disease from stage B2. The most common stage of animals’ diseases is stage C. We accept requests to make a diagnosis for the purpose of determining whether the disease or condition is an indication for cardiac surgery.
How long is the duration of the hospital stay?
→The duration of the hospital stay is about 7 to 14 days.
What is the cost of the surgery?
→Depending on the condition, it will cost about 1.4 to 2 million yen.